There is a place in Japan where such beautiful mysterious gemstones lie.
At the southwest of Kozushima Island, a part of the Izu Islands of Tokyo, the purest obsidian stones are found on its seafloor.

The world where jet black and white mist meet, visible only when light is cast into the dark.
Inviting your fingers to trace the beautiful and shiny luster.

We created beautiful jewelry by polishing these rough stones which still carry the fine scent of the deep sea.

Energy of Obsidian
Play, Sleep and Mingle.

Both spirit guide and ourselves are all the same in Obsidian's garden. As our souls take rest there, we return to the land and Gods rise up to the sky.

Not everyone is allowed here. If you are the one who encounters this stone and have been touched by its energy, it is highly likely that obsidian has attracted you to it, rather than your choosing this stone yourself.
Ascended masters, spirit guide, and ourselves - We all get healed, play and mingle there and take on a role to define new values and create new lives.

Obsidian holds magnetic force like energy which invites in the good and blows away the bad for you.
There is no need to worry whether you are qualified to possess this stone. The stone sees your essence and soul.

While waves of emotions and desires may surface in your consciousness, Obsidian will anchor you to a state where you can communicate with ascended masters.
Depending on the person, some may enjoy the emotional waves and continue to create them. In such a case, Obsidian will cleanse their subconsciousness. Their fears and desires will subside and the consciousness will be directed to what they truly wish for.

This stone takes on the spirit of creating worlds and values which no one has ever imagined before. As you spend the time together with Obsidian, you will get bravery and the ability to grasp perspective to foresee the balance between people’s demand and supply in this world.

This might be because you are exposed to the gods' communication in its garden without knowing it. Whether it is in your home, your company, or outside your country, it will lead to changes and phenomenon you have never seen. So you can have the blueprint of the new world.

Obsidian brushes away your fear of new things and helps you embrace diversity. In the future, you will be the one who becomes the magnetic force to create diversity and radiate transformational energy much needed at a time of change.

After that all the coincidences Obsidian creates are inevitable. We may know everything will turn out in the inevitability that obsidian intend to be. But, please remember, nothing can ever restrict your freedom.

Lastly, there is another little unusual character to this stone as this can be used as a tool of requiem. It can guide all souls - no matter whether alive or dead - to a place where it is meant to be.
Key Benefits
For Those Who Seek

Our story goes back to 2008 in a corner of metropolitan Tokyo when few crystal healers got together and started a jewelry brand. Our initial vision as a brand was to bring beauty to women and empower them through one of the kind rings, piercings, bracelets and necklaces that give awareness in their spirituality.

Our jewelry designs are inspired from each crystal's unique color, shape and energy and they are created using 18K gold. Our healers use clairvoyance skills to write down the message and energy each crystal is carrying. Those messages can be found on our website as a description of jewelries.

Over the past 10 years, more than 50,000 jewelries were delivered to our customers. To this day, our healers are still travelling within Japan and around the world to find crystals and creating jewelries to bring smiles to our customers faces.